Day: November 22, 2020

Global networks take the strain in roller-coaster 2020

Despite unprecedented strains placed upon networks – especially from a huge rise in video streaming, gaming and video conferencing – during 2020, the latest edition of the Nokia Deepfield network intelligence report has concluded that contrary to earlier fears of their capability, the networks were made to withstand the internet’s roller-coaster year.

The report examined service provider network traffic and consumption trends in 2020, and overall changes in internet traffic patterns in the past decade and in 2020 – focusing on key application areas such as video streaming, video conferencing, gaming and distributed denial of service (DDoS) security.

The report’s data was gathered from network service providers across Europe and North America from February to September 2020 using the Nokia Deepfield portfolio of network insights and security applications, which use big data analytics to monitor, analyse and understand network traffic and services.

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Reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS): The RAS characteristics of a computer have typically been a number of the most necessary elements in information processing. Mainframe computers exhibit effective RAS traits …