Day: November 28, 2020

Ericsson taps into industry momentum for network orchestration and automation

In what it describes as a “significant industry milestone”, Ericsson has revealed that it has passed the century mark for its orchestrator technology in the third quarter of 2020, securing 139 commercial orchestration deals with more than 100 global communications service providers.

The Ericsson Orchestrator is designed to enable automation of hybrid infrastructure, including PNFs and VNFs, in a multi-supplier environment. It supports resource orchestration, VNF lifecycle management and end-to-end service orchestration for both telecom and enterprise environments.

Ericsson said the key benefits of its orchestration offering include providing the capabilities that service providers need to operate their networks efficiently, increase agility, build new services quickly and future-proof their networks to stay ahead in the race to obtain 5G market share.

Orchestration is also a vital component for 5G network slicing, which is predicted to be a key revenue enabler in the 5G arena. A recent study from Juniper

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