Day: February 5, 2021

Telcos flesh out 5G volumetric use cases

Volumetric technology, which could be one of the most interesting applications based on 5G mobile networks, has to date been one of the most under-reported, but now UK and Japanese telco giants BT and NTT DoCoMo have, almost simultaneously, announced advances into the field.

In essence, volumetric video is a way of capturing an object or environment in three dimensions so that it can be seen remotely in 3D from any perspective. Low-latency 5G connectivity paired with edge network computing enables volumetrically captured objects to be streamed to a display and experienced in the same way people perceive an object moving in front of them.

Volumetric video will enable live events to be streamed online at high quality and in three dimensions, allowing viewers to watch in real time from any angle of their choosing.

Use cases can extend from watching live performances unfold from just a few feet away

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