Day: February 8, 2021

Deutsche Telekom taps Nokia for optical transport network modernisation

Deutsche Telekom has selected Nokia as a long-term strategic partner to transform the global operator’s nationwide optical network into a service-centric platform.

Deutsche Telekom has embarked on its optical network transformation journey to give its customers what it believes will be a highly differentiated service quality of experience and to be more responsive to their new services needs, while also reducing the total cost of ownership. It sees the Nokia optical transport technology as an essential element in enabling the company to realise these goals by creating a more scalable and automated services-centric platform.

As well as delivering an enhanced service quality experience to its customers to a more scalable and automated one, the transformation to upgrading the existing Deutsche Telekom network is also designed to see the company benefit from automation to simplify and streamline operational tasks to make more efficient use of network resources.

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